Sedona Sunset Dip Powder Collection

€48,49 €53,94

Rock the subtle yet so-alive shades that bring a whisper of canyon afternoon warmth to your look. Six new hues of dip powder are ready to blaze an inspired new trail wherever you go. Sedona Sunset Collection comes with 6 limited edition 0.5 oz Dip Powder Jars.

What's Included:

  • D829 Red Rocks is a medium orange shimmer that is reminiscent of the unique Sedona rock formation which cools to a warm, rusty red
  • D830 Secret Sliderock is a dark bluish gray embedded with a subtle-yet-sparkly matrix of silver flakes
  • D831 Maroon Mountain is a rich medium mauve with a metallic silver shimmer
  • D832 Sand Stone is a warm cream temperature changer whose earthy brick shade emerges when the air turns from warm to cool
  • D833 Dune Dust is a sandy beige with a copper and gold flakes
  • D834 Midnight Hike is a rich infinity blue temperature changer that grows subtly deeper when the air turns from warm to cool


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