MR1 Trophy


What it is:

Trophy is the gold medallion in this collection. It's a yellow gold glitter, when dipped it is pure gold goodness, and when chromed, you’ll see a pure gold chrome with little hints of gold glitter peeking through.

Color Type: Glitter

Color Family: Gold

Pro Tip:

For a full mirror effect, chrome over D7 Barbara, chrome effect requires a Tack Free Gel Top Coat. Swatches on our site are chromed over D7 Barbara. Pair with Champion for a bold manicure.

How to Use:

Two ways to apply:

To use as a Dip - apply as usual with your Revel Nail Dip Liquids and admire the gorgeous holographic rainbow shimmer.

To Chrome - Apply as usual, substituting Revel Nail Tack Free Gel Top Coat following the instructions in the video below. (This method requires UV/LED Light.)

No Light Chrome - Some customers find that a “no light” Gel Top Coats can work with Chrome - the timing will vary from brand to brand, you’ll want to apply the dip with the applicator when the Top Coat is still tacky, but not wet.

Size option for Jars:

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