Best of - Holiday 2022 Mini Mystery Boxes!

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What it is:

Our very first Best of... Box! 2022 Days of Revel Mini Mystery Boxes were so popular, we've put a favorite from each one into this Best of 2022 Holiday Mini Mystery Box Set!

Includes 0.5 oz jars, while supplies last and final sale.

What's Included:

  • Aerial View: From the Subtle Shimmering Skies Mini Mystery Box, Aerial View is brown-grey base with silver shimmers that changes to a blurple when cold
  • Oh La La: From Parisian Getaway Mini Mystery Box, Oh La La is a black base with silver and pink flakes
  • Gills Night Out: From Mermaid Cove Mini Mystery Box, Gills Night Out is a mixture of purple and green glitters and flakes
  • Freestyle: From the Happy Dance Mini Mystery Box, Freestyle is a mixture of white, purple and pink glitters, whose base glows teal!
  • Rayleigh: From the Golden Hour Mystery Box, Rayleigh is a light peachy pink base with iridescent shimmers and glitters that changes to purple in the sun and glows purple in the dark.

Please Note:

Relaunched items are matched as closely to their original counterparts as possible, but some variance is a possibility due to many factors like pigment availability, discontinued pigments, reformulation etc. While supplies last. Final sale.

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