80’s Icons | Neon Flake Dip Powder Set


What it is: An electric rainbow for the beach or the streets. Includes 6 neon flake dip powders.

  • D810 Get Slimed: Bright, bold and shockingly green, Get Slimed is THE shade to wear to get noticed. This warm weather favorite is mixed with iridescent flakes making it a unique and must own neon shade.
  • D811 Jelly Sandals: Get a kick out of this fun shade! We added depth to this electric, Cerulean blue shade by adding in iridescent flakes.
  • D812 Slap Bracelet: Just as fun as the accessory it’s named after, Slap Bracelet is a vibrant, flakey purple shade that combines playfulness with a touch of mystery.
  • D813 Charm Necklace: Looking for a shade that is dramatic, fun and flirty? Try on Charm Necklace which is the perfect hot pink shade with iridescent flakes.
  • D814 Leg Warmers: Orange you glad we have this color? We are! This iridescent flaked neon is a bright orange shade perfect in every way.
  • D815 Banana Clip: If you are ready to add a bright, neon touch to your mani, consider accessorizing with Banana Clip. The perfect neon yellow with a touch of iridescent flake will ensure your nails will be noticed.

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