Days of Revel Day 9: Throwback Thursday

In honor of Day 9 we're throwing it back . . .

You asked and we delivered! Keep reading to find out what shades are BACK for Throwback Thursday. But, they're only while supplies last, so don’t walk . . . RUN and snag these shades! 

Throwback Thursday Shades:

D541 Splash


[Tricia Tucker Sims, D541 Splash]


En Pointe

Price: €7.49/£6.59

[@manis_by_glencoco, En Pointe]


D193 Crater

Price: €6.99/£6.15

[@fun_dipnails, D193 Crater]


D609 Miss Behave


[Alyssa Stowe, Miss Behave + D71 Scarlett]


Coffee n’ Creme Tonal Set 


[@baulag_nails, Coffee n' Creme Tonal Set]


Rock N’ Roll Queen Themed Set

Price: €30.99/£27.27

[@hookedondippednails, Rock N' Roll Queen]


Cherry Blossom Themed Set

Price: €30.99/£27.27

[@sarahxdip, Cherry Blossom Set]