How to Take Care of your Liquids

Written By: Dana L.


Steps to Avoiding Cross Contamination with Pro Base and Finish Gel

Dip Powder Liquids | Pro Base Activator Finish Gel | Step 1, 2, 3 | Revel Nail


Step 1: Apply your first layer of Pro Base, put your brush into the bottle then tap any access powder off the nail.


Step 2: Put another thin layer of Pro Base. Be careful wiping the brush on the inside of the bottle making sure no liquid is getting outside on the rim. If liquid gets in, it will cause the bottle to seal shut so make sure you are doing this slowly.


Step 3: Wipe your brush off on a lint-free paper towel then, put it back into bottle.


Step 4: When youre done with your Pro Base, take a piece of paper towel. Make sure to gently wipe off the access and make sure to not get any liquid on the outside threading.


Step 5: Put your brush between your ring and middle finger because if it is on its side or upside down, any liquid that is still around the brush can get up inside the threading. This can also cause your bottle to seal shut. 


Step 6: Get your little piece of paper towel and wipe around the edges of the bottle. A helpful trick is using cuticle oil. Put some on your finger and run it around the outside threading. This will make sure no liquid is around it and will keep it from sealing shut. Make sure you are not getting cuticle oil in the bottle, thats why using your finger is the best method. Put your lid on and make sure your bottle is stored upright.


You dont have to worry about your Activator getting sealed shut because it’s not an adhesive. Its easy to take care of but just make sure it is stored up right as well.


Step 6: Apply your second coat of Activator and make sure to wait the appropriate time. Take a piece of paper towel (lint-free surface) and rubbing the nail making sure your Activator is fully dried. This is important because when it comes to your Finish Gel you want to make sure that you are not getting too much Activator in contact with the Finish Gel. Its important to follow this step because this could be the reason why you arent getting a glossy look at the end.


Step 7: Once Activator is applied and dried. Make sure when youre using the Finish Gel make sure you are not getting any on the bottle threading.


Step 8: After you put your first coat of Finish Gel on, youre going to want to wipe your brush on a paper towel now that it has come in contact with the Activator on your nail. This will eliminate any Activator getting into your bottle or staying on the brush. If youre wondering why your liquids are thick and funky then, its because Activator got into your bottle. This can affect the quality of your manicure.


Step 9: After your second layer of Finish Gel make sure you are wiping your brush on a lint-free surface and making sure you are not getting any Activator onto your brush.


Step 10: Hold brush like before between the ring and middle finger. Grab a slice of paper towel making sure you are wiping the threading, put cuticle oil on top your finger and apply it to the edges.


If you want to see these steps in action, check out our IGTV Liquids 101 video where Megan takes you through each step.