Brush Softener 101

What is Brush Softener? Our Brush Softener is exactly the name - a brush softener! When using our EZ or PRO liquids, you may notice that your Pro Base brush will start to get stiff. This is due to cross contamination of other products, or not allowing your Pro Base to dry properly before adding another coat. If you are using your Finish Gel and you apply a little too much the first round or don’t allow it to dry in time for your second round, your brush could become hard.

To fix your brush from becoming stiff, grab your Brush Softener brush and your Pro Base or Finish Gel brush then simply swap the two brushes. When you place your Pro Base or Finish Gel brush in the Brush Softener container, be sure to tighten it, let it sit for a few minutes and shake the bottle. Let that brush soak in the Brush Softener bottle for 5 minutes. Once soaked, you may still have debris left on your brush. If this is the case, take your Cuticle Pusher and gently scrape the excess debris off of the brush. Finally, take a lint free paper towel to wipe your brush off. Be sure to switch the brushes back to their respective bottles and after that, you are good to go for your next manicure!