Say “I Do” To Our Fave Revel Shades For Brides

If you are a bride looking for the perfect mani to set your perfect day - we've got you covered! Your nails are going to be a total accent to that gorgeous ring of yours, so, what colors would look best? Which nail trends are most popular for brides? Take a look at the looks we have to offer our brides!

Promise Victoria [D19 Emily + D20 Erica]

1. The Subtlety Bride

This type of manicure would be perfect for a bride that is subtle, but bold! D48 Margo is a stunning sheer mixed with light pink and silver shimmer. Not only would D48 Margo accent any engagement ring beautifully, but would also accent your dress with its fine white shimmer. Simple but Stylish.

Becca B. [D48 Margo + D20 Erica]

2. The Classic Bride

D74 Veronica and D73 Tricia are a classic combination for a french manicure if you are looking for a simple yet elegant design! D73 Tricia is a sheer opaque pink that accents D74 Veronica flawlessly. If you don’t have D73 Tricia, you can also use D20 Erica, D72 Tara, or D71 Scarlett! Of course, a bride can never go wrong with a look as classic as the timeless French manicure!

Monica L.  [D74 Veronica, D71 Scarlett + D75 Vivien]

3. The “Something Blue” Bride

Still searching for that perfect “something blue?" Why not dip into one of our many blue shades? Turn heads with a bright blue like D594 Bombshell or dip into a shade that’s more subtle like GC9 Scatter. You will shock your guests by using GC9 Scatter! Your nails will look like a simple elegant white manicure during the day, but at night they will glow!  A few other great blues would be D583 Merci, D40 Kristen, D492 Forever, or D408 Bonjour.

Alejandra R. [D231 BlissD32 Isadora]

4. The Bold Bride

Whether you love being bold in your everyday life, or you want to be more daring on your wedding day, we have tons of colors to choose from and the options are endless! An easy way to be more daring on your wedding day is to use one of the colors from your wedding color scheme - whether that is dark green, red, purple or hot pink, we’ve got you covered! You can filter dip powder shades by color on our website to find the perfect color for you! You can also search mani inspiration in our Revel Nail European Customer Community group on Facebook! Oh, and if you want to take bold to the next level - check out our Holo Chromes!

Kara W. [D531 Flannel]


Katonah M. [SC21 Bali + D43 Lilian]

5. The Elegant Bride

If you want an elegant and neutral mani to ensure your ring will be the center of attention, D20 Erica, D19 Emily or D77 Bubbly  is the way to go! These shades are light, neutral and stunning for any occasion - especially on your wedding day! D20 Erica is our number one rated color for our brides and brides-to-be! D20 Erica is a subtle light pink which is perfect for our sophisticated and chic brides!

Alexa R. [D20 Erica + D455 Calaca mixed]

6. The “Hopeless Romantic” Bride

You can never go wrong with a little glitz or glam on your nails for your special day! Whether you go with a subtle accent nail or you want to showcase your entire manicure full of glitter - the options are endless! A few of my personal favorite are TT3 Rose Quartz, D486 Cherish, D490 Champagne, or D375 Glitz.

@sininailedit [D20 Erica + MR5 Crown]

Ultimately, the options for you wedding day mani are endless! No matter what you decide to wear on your fingertips, be sure to share with us! Tag us and hashtag #YesRevelNail to give us permission to repost!

Krystal C. [D228 Wink]