How To: Care & Repair Nail Strengthening Treatment

Are you tired of your nails bending, breaking, or peeling? After countless manicures our nails have gone through it all. It’s time to show your nails some love and self-care! We’ve got something you’ll want to add into your nail routine. We’re here to help you get your nails back into shape. Our Care & Repair Nail Strengthening Treatment will help repair damaged, thin, and brittle nails in no time!

What to expect after two weeks of wear: 100% stronger nails, 97% rejuvenated nails, 100% better nail quality, and 97% healthier nails

What are the benefits? They key ingredient in our nail strengthener is AHA whichhelps restore, hydrate, and strengthen your nails.


1. Prep your nails by pushing your cuticles back and gently buff the nail.

2. Apply one coat to clean, bare nails.

3. Next, make sure to cap the free edge.

4. Once dry, proceed to your manicure.

Tip: Did you know our nail strengthener can be applied as a base coat for Nail Lacquer, Gel Polish, and Dip Powder? For best results, remove using Revel Nail 100% Non-Whitening Acetone and reapply every four days!