What are Dip Nails?

What are Dip Nails?


What are Dip Nails?  Dip Nails are a way to use powder to get a great, long-lasting manicure.  Most people refer to it as Dip Powder, but Dipping Powder, Dip Nails, Dip Gel, Dip Gel Nails, are all ways that people refer to Dip Powder manicures.


Dip Powder is a healthy way to get a great, durable manicure on your nails.  Besides Acrylics, it is the most durable manicure you can get.  Unlike acrylics, it soaks off in acetone, so it’s easy to remove.  Unlike Gel Polish, it does not require a light to use.  It has a shine just as good as Gel Polish.  It can be done at home or in a salon, with no special tools required.  Those benefits are the main reason that Dip Powder is becoming so popular.


To Do a Dip Powder manicure is very straightforward.  First you prep the nails like you would for any manicure – buff the nails, prep the cuticles, etc.  Then you apply a layer of the Base Coat to your nails.  It’s an adhesive that will bond to your nail and the powder that you did into.  Once you’ve dipped, you apply the activator to the powder on your nail.  That will harden the powder into a solid on your nails.  It takes the place of the light you use in a Gel Polish manicure to cure your Gel.  After you have activated the Dip Powder, you apply the Top Coat.  The Top Coat will seal in the manicure and provide the shine.  The manicure will air dry – by the time you get to the last nail on your hand, the first one should be dry.


That’s it, you’re done!  No lights, no bad smelling monomer, just an easy to apply manicure.

To remove, you file or drill to remove the shine from the nail, which breaks the seal that allows the acetone to soak into the manicure, then you soak in acetone, and it should come off easily.


That’s what Dip Nails, Dip Powder, Dipping Powder, Dip Gel, Dip Gel Nails, or whatever you want to call it is and that’s how easy it is to use.