Rose Quartz Nails

Want to achieve a gorgeous rose quartz effect on your fingertips? Keep reading!

Rose quartz nails are one of our favorite trends that we've seen for spring! To achieve this look, you're going to need D20 Erica, or your favorite sheer pink shade. (We suggest D71 ScarlettD72 Tara, or D73 Tricia, to name a few!) You're also going to want to grab some white gel polish.

First, apply your Pro Base and dip into your pink of choice. Repeat 1-2 times for a nice solid base. Then, dip a thin striping brush into your gel polish and draw your lines for the rose quartz effect. Next, take a slightly thicker brush and fan out the lines. You want the lines to be as free-flowing as possible for a more natural look. Cure the gel polish in a UV/LED light for 60 seconds. After that, apply one more layer of your sheer pink dip. Finally, you want to activate, file and buff, and finish your mani off with a top coat!

Watch @another_mani_monday's tutorial here.

Rose Quartz Mani Hack: 

On a time crunch or just looking for an easier way to achieve a beautiful rose quartz mani? Simply dip into D444 Rose Quartz from our Treasure Trove Collection! Don't forget to encapsulate with Vivien (Clear) and you're good to go!