Revel Glow Ups We LOVE!

If you just did your very first dip and you are less than pleased with it - don’t worry! We are here to tell you that you’ve got this and you shouldn’t give up just yet! One of the social teams’ favorite kind of posts to stumble upon in our tagged photos is what we call “Revel Glow Ups.” What is a Revel Glow Up? A glow up is a transformation for the better - so a Revel Glow Up usually features a customer’s very first dip mani mani next to their most recent mani so that you can see how their skills have improved over time with practice.

Let’s explore a few of our favorite customer glow ups of all time!

@sarah.dips.her.nails [D129 Covetous]

“GLOW UP! One year in the dip game... and WOW what a difference 😱😍 I was genuinely surprised to see these photos side by side.”

@naturallytash_nailedit [D315 Ballet, D77 Bubbly]

“How it started (small pic) vs how it’s going! Far from perfect but that’s a glow up right there! 😍” 

@lexismanis44 [D313 Royal, D77 Bubbly, D232 Haute, D544 Babe]

“I have always loved doing my nails. High school and college, I had mani nights for my friends. Just over two years ago I started using dip powders. I found revelnail and fell in love with how good they looked and how long they lasted. Being a nurse, polish maybe last a week. Now, I can get 3 weeks easily from one set. My family and friends have been my guinea pigs and supported me through it all. They let me try new techniques, designs, and nail art.

So here was my first mani from July 2019 and now! I feel proud. I am not a professional, only self taught. I have learned so much the past two years and will continue to learn and perfect. Maybe one day, I’ll get my nail tech license! 😉"