How To: "TikTok" Method

If you're a member of our Revel Nail European Customer Community Group on Facebook, you’ve most likely landed on posts regarding the "TikTok" method. This is a viral dip method similar to the Apex Method. It’s a huge hit right now simply due to the fact that it can help your mani last twice as long!

The “TikTok" Method consists of a total of 5 dips. The first dip you will want to coat the entire nail. The second dip you will only coat ⅓ of the nail starting from the top of your nail. The third dip, you’ll coat half of your nail and then the fourth dip, almost your entire nail. Lastly, on your fifth dip you will cover the entire surface of your nail.

Like any method, this method may require a little “trial and error” to figure out what works best for you!

Sami from our social team tried this hack over on TikTok! Check it out here.

Photos by Estefany Fermin