How To: Sugar Nails

Have you heard of the Sugar Nail trend? It is a new, creative way to style your manicure. Sugar Nails are similar to a matte look, but for glitters and shimmers like D77 Bubbly or MR5 Crown!

Here's how you can complete this super simple trend with your Revel Nail dip powder! Grab any soft glitter or shimmer, your Pro Base, Perfect Powder Brush and Activator to begin.

You want to start by applying thin, even layers of your Pro Base and dipping into your powder of your choice. I recommend doing 2-3 dips total for this style. Remember to use your Perfect Powder Brush to brush off excess dip powder after each dip. Next, grab your Activator and apply covering the entire nail. Apply a total of two layers of Activator and you have completed the sugar nail technique! You're going to want to skip Step #3 Finish Gel for this look.

 #repost Maria [Soirée, Amour + Bisou]