Fall Nail Forecast

Written By: Alexa Daniels


When you think about fall what do you think of? Falling leaves, campfires, thick sweaters, or comfy blankets? This fall season can be whatever you want it to be. You can spend it inside drinking that Pumpkin Spiced Latte, jumping into leaf piles, or cheering on your favorite sports team, but one thing should all be the same for all of us. We should all have gorgeous nails! This fall nail forecast calls for some of the best fall manicure trends yet.



 1. Matte Nails

Matte Black Dip Powder Nails | Revel Nail Dip Powder | Nail Trends


If you’re tired of your same longstanding shiny topcoat and want something new, here at Revel Nail HQ we love to switch it up by creating a matte look this fall! The dark finish to your nails, adds that extra umph to your fall inspired manicure. (For a matte nail how-to click here) @saltednails_





2. Gradient Manicure

Dark to light Gradient Nails | Revel Nail Dip Powder | Nail Trends


When you have a large dip collection, like me, it’s hard to pick just one color to use for your next manicure. With a gradient manicure, you don’t have to choose just one! All you need are five colors, usually, from the same color family, and you go from the lightest to darkest shade! Try D336 Coco, D235 Hush, D233 Runway, D129 Covetous, and D8 Bette⁣ @sip_and_dip






3. Nude Manicure

Nude Dip Powder Nails | Revel Nail Dip Powder | Nail Trends


Neutral tones are always in during the fall season. Every clothing store adds their tan coats, gray colored pants, and sand tone shirts to their websites to get everyone ready for the fall season. So, when you’re on the hunt for your new neutral tone clothes, don’t forget to add a nude dip powder to your Revel cart! The color shown here is D557 Goal Digger, and it is a perfect nude shade. Some of our nude colors include D235 Hush, D232 Haute, D146 Harmony, and D20 Erica! @nicoles_dipnails




4. Bright Color Manicure

Bright Purple Manicure | Revel Nail Dip Powder | Nail Trends


Eventually, everyone starts to get down about the colder weather and the darker days that the fall season brings. To spice up your gloomy mood, and add a little color to your day, create a bright color manicure! Pull out your summer shades, like our Beach, Please collection, and go back to sunnier days with D543 Reef.





5. Glitter ombre

Glitter Ombre Nails | Revel Nail Dip Powder | Nail Trends


Glitter ombre has the ability to turn any basic manicure into a masterpiece. It looks great with a simple color like D20 Erica, and it can also be used to spice up a fall inspired manicure. Glitter ombre can also be used to transition between your two colors, like how D561 Divine (a new color from our Modern Muse collection) was used to transition from D562 Embrace (another color from our Modern Muse collection) and  D20 Erica in the manicure shown. @Mama_js_manis



6. Gold foil 

Navy Blue and Brown with Gold Foil Dip Powder Nails | Revel Nail Dip Powder | Nail Trends


Gold is a perfect color for the fall, and on your nails, it’ll look even better in this sweater weather season. Gold foil is a perfect accent to add a little luxury to any mani, but it can also add a fall aspect to a simple colored manicure. Go and make that gold foil look like fallen leaves! D563 Reflect has gold and copper foils mixed in for easy application! @modestnails.by.tessaj




7. Plaid

Fall Flannel Plaid Dip Powder Nails | Revel Nail Dip Powder | Nail Trends


What’s a better way to ring in the fall than to wear your favorite plaid flannel? However, not only can you layer it over some of your favorite jeans and boots, you can also use it as an accent on your nails! D532 Spiced, D531 Flannel @dipkristie