Fall Drop-Ins are back!

Fall is undoubtedly the best time of the year to wear warm colors. At Revel Nail, we’re taking out all our fall essentials like sweaters, boots, and pumpkin spice of course. However, this fall we are switching it up with one of the latest dip nail trends. Take a dip into our NEW Jewel Toned Fall Drop-Ins! This set contains an array of mystic shimmers that features a collection of jewel toned shades. These shades will add vibrancy to any of your fall outfits this season!

 Looking to pair our Jewel Toned Fall Drop-Ins with its matching creme? We’re launching 6 new Fall Drop-In Duo Bundles which include a new Jewel Toned and its complimentary color.
Get the Look Duo: D739 Soul + D656 Swoop
Nails by @nailedby.srf
Get the Look Duo: D742 Echo + D367 Duel 
Nails by @n_nailing.it 
Get the Look Duo:  D741 Mantra + D547 Elderberry
Nails by @mirandasampsonsmanis 
Get the Look Duo:  D744 Empower + D327 Sash 
Nails by @kindly_nails
Get the Look Duo: D740 Energy + D311 Proud 
Nails by @gina_glam04 
Get the Look Duo: D743 Radiate + D576 Sahara 
Nails by @dip_tasha_dip
Jewel tones aren’t for you? Cozy up with our Autumn Essentials Fall Drop-Ins! Six of our previous Fall Drop-Ins are returning for sweater weather. This includes D528 Cornstalk, D529 Pomegranate, D530 Amber, D531 Flannel, D531 Spiced, and D616 Toasty.
Colors used: D532 Spiced, D528 Cornstalk
Nails by @polishedpretty08
Colors used:  D529 Pomegranate, D547 Elderberry, D71 Scarlett
Nails by @jersadipnails
Colors used: D530 Amber, D532 Spiced, D531 Flannel
Nails by @maris_dips
Color used: D616 Toasty
Nails by @chels.dip.nails
Color used: D531 Flannel
Nails by @purple_cactus_nails