Alpine Chalet Revel Mates Collection

At Revel Nail HQ, we're hitting the slopes this winter! It's time to grab your gals, skis and our new collection, Alpine Chalet. . .because we're taking you on a winter getaway! This collection includes six Dip Powders and matching Lacquers. You will feel elegant all winter long with the choice of one glitter, two shimmers and three cremes. Need a break from hitting the slopes? We have a powdery option for everyone at Alpine Chalet!
When can I shop?
Powder Perfectionists: 10/04, 2 pm ET (20:00 CET)
Everyone: 10/05, 2 pm ET (20:00 CET)
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You'll receive a FREE EZ Care Liquid Set with purchases of Alpine Chalet Revel Mates Full Collection. *Promo ends on 10/6, 9:59 am ET (19:59 CET). Free EZ Care Liquid Set may vary + while supplies last*
0.5 oz Individual Jars - €8.99/£7.91
2 oz Individual Jars - €21.99/£19.35
0.5 Full Collection - €48.49/£42.67
Meet the Collection
D753 Stowe is a deep, stone grey cream shade. D753 Stowe is a cool and deep gray. Let's brighten this shade up with a touch of D703 Disco, a flashy silver shimmer. Or, throw in D489 Incline, an elegant midnight base with specks of multi-colored glitters.
D754 Aspen is a neutral taupe shade with shimmer. D754 Aspen’s warm brown and gold tones make us feel like cozying up by the fireplace. Pair this perfect shade with D336 Coco, a cedar brown or with D479 Stolen, a gold holographic chunky glitter.
D755 Loveland is a super creamy red wine shade. D755 Loveland’s red hues bring the heat! Let’s pair this shade with D629 Paradox, a rust-pink base with fine glitter and multifaceted green and rust flakes. Or, pair this shade with MR5 Crown, a specialty shade of rose gold mirror chrome.
D756 Vail is a silver metallic flake with matte white glitters. Vail feels like the first snowfall of the season. Give Vail a touch of elegance and even some ombre vibes when paired with D72 Tara, a shade that's nearly white with a touch of light pink.
D757 Telluride is a dark sage green cream. D757 Telluride is chic and versatile, pair this shade with D499 Allure, a clear base with multi-colored glitters to make your mani sparkle.  
D758 Breckenridge is a stone blue with shimmer. D758 Breckenridge is a cool tone silver shade that pairs smoothly with D383 Ori, a light purplish blue. Or, pair this shade with D563 Reflect, a deep winter sky blue with copper gold flakes for a unique and crisp nail art combo.