Add Some Glitz & Glam To Your Mani With Our Full Coverage Flakes and Flake Overlays!

Flakes Fanatic? We’ve got you covered! Yup, we literally have you covered with our FULL coverage flakes and overlays.

You’ve mastered glitter dip powder and you’re looking to take your manicure up a notch? Now you’re thinking what’s next? The answer is flakes! If you’re someone who can’t have a manicure without a little sparkle, flakes are for you!

What are flakes? Flakes are fairly new to our collection and was highly requested from our customers! We offer two different kinds of flakes. If you’re looking to wear flakes alone, we suggest getting our Full Coverage Flakes. Our Full Coverage Flakes are chunky flakes and glitter that will allow you to have a shiny manicure. Full glam isn’t your thing? That’s ok! We also offer Overlay Flakes in case you would rather use them as an accent! Overlay Flakes have a clear base with flakes on top. This allows you to wear them on top of other shades!

If it’s your first time working with flakes, we highly suggest grabbing our clear dip powder, D75 Vivien. Vivien will protect your flakes against buffing and filing!

Take a look at some of our Full Coverage Flakes!


@dip_tasha_dip [D631 Smooch]

@nail_envii__ [D627 Oasis, D626 Reveal]

@kurbocreates [D628 Rhapsody]

Check out some of our Overlay Flakes!

@miumiumanis [D582 Zara, D578 Petra, D623 Keepsake]

@karas.manis [D620 Enigma]

@tasia.nailedit [D621 Labyrinth, GC8 Electric, GC1 Magic]