What's Your Sign | Mood Changing Dip Powder Set

€43,99 €47,94

What it is:

Venture into the mystical realm of astrology and let your nails tell your story of your star sign. This collection includes 6 exclusive shades available in 0.5 oz.

What it includes:

  • D1030 Aquarius is a medium teal shade that deepens to dark denim when cold.
  • D1031 Scorpio is silver glitter base that changes to dark gray when cold. It’s like wearing a night sky with bright stars on your nails!
  • D1032 Sagittarius is a denim blue with iridescent flakes. When cool, watch this shade deepen to an eggplant purple.
  • D1033 Gemini is a true baby pink with iridescent flakes. When cool, watch this shade change to a medium blue.
  • D1034 Leo is a peach-pink base with gold glitter. When cold, the shade deepens to a medium strawberry red which really showcases the gold glitter.
  • D1035 Capricorn is a dusty light lavender that turns into a muted dark mauve when cool.

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