Postcards from Provence Limited Edition Revel Mates Collection


What it is:

From Cannes to Marseille, wander through lavender fields of the French countryside with our Postcards from Provence Collection. Feel the Mediterranean mists and dine under the golden sunsets with six new limited edition shades.

What's included: 

  • D583 Merci Dip Powder
  • Matching Revel Mate Lacquer (15mL) of Merci
  • D584 Jolie Dip Powder
  • Matching Revel Mate Lacquer (15mL) of Jolie
  • D585 Élodie Dip Powder
  • Matching Revel Mate Lacquer (15mL) of Élodie
  • D586 Soirée Dip Powder
  • Matching Revel Mate Lacquer (15mL) of Soirée
  • D587 Amour Dip Powder
  • Matching Revel Mate Lacquer (15mL) of Amour
  • D588 Bisou Dip Powder
  • Matching Revel Mate Lacquer (15mL) of Bisou

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