Pick 3/6 Sun Changing Dip Powder Shades

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€22,50 €23,97

Sun changing Dip Powder add some excitement when your nails are exposed to UV rays. A whole new shaded manicure! Grab 3 or 6 of your favorites and give people something to talk about all summer! All colors come in a 0.5 oz dip jar.

Choose from:

  • D1009 Crete
  • D1010 Syros
  • D1011 Mykonos
  • D1012 Rhodes
  • D1013 Santorini
  • D1014 Corfu
  • D1125 Milos
  • D1126 Symi
  • D1127 Skyros
  • D1128 Ithaca
  • D1129 Andros
  • D1130 Ios
  • SC1 Ibiza
  • SC4 Aruba
  • SC11 Dubai
  • SC15 Sun Island



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