Halloween Drop-Ins | Spooky Greats Dip Powder Set


What it is:

It's time to get in the spooky spirit. Inspired by iconic spooks, Spooky Greats Sets includes 5 limited edition shades perfect for the Halloween season but versatile enough to wear for other occasions.

What's Included:

Dexter is a creme white base when warm with red glitters that blend in when cold and the base turns to red. Pair Dexter with D305 Vixen, D74 Veronica, or D246 Festival.

Blair is a purple that gets darker when cold and has purple and blue shimmers so Blair can chrome overtop of herself or over other shades. Pair Blair with D733 Ballad or D410 Hola.

Buffy is the perfect Halloween chunky glitter, a mixture of various shaped green, purple, black, and orange glitters, Buffy is a must-have this Halloween season. Pair Buffy with D393 Charged, or D547 Elderberry.

Bellatrix is a yellow green when warm and changes to a dark green when cold. Pair Bellatrix with D302 Xena, D32 Isadora or MR1 Trophy.

Casper is a soft white base that glows blue with black flakes. Pair Casper with D7 Barbara, D657 Alter Ego or D74 Veronica.

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