Halloween Drop Ins | Ghouls Just Want To Have Fun


What it is:


  • D633 Squad Ghouls is a purple base with green, pink and purple glitter and confetti.
    Complimentary Colors: D254 Lust, D302 Xena, D351 Helena.

  • D634 Witch Tracker is a black base with orange and green glitters of different sizes and shapes.
    Complimentary Colors: D365 Belle, D413 Wicked, and D312 Prima.

  • D635 Boo Crew is a is a firey orange with gold ad orange glitters.. Complimentary Colors: Honestly this shade is bright and bold, she can ride solo. Just make sure to top with D75 Vivien(clear) to protect the glitters when buffing.

  • D636 Spell Bound is a demin blue base, with multi shaped silver and blue glitters.
    Complimentary Colors: D74, D304 Stormy, D334 Distant.

  • D637 Hocus Pocus is a medium green base with teal and purple flakes.
    Complimentary Colors: D227 Blowout, D359 Civil, and D547 Elderberry.

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