Greek Islands Vol. 2 | Sun Changing Dip Powder Set

€43,99 €47,94

What it is: Six new sun-changing dip powder shades to escape to your dream Grecian vacation.  

What it includes: (6) 0.5oz Dip Powder Shades

  • D1125 Milos: a bright neon coral dip powder that changes to a reddish dark pink in the sun 
  • D1126 Symi:  a light blue base with bright green, blue and pink flakes that changes to darker blue base in the sun.
  • D1127 Skyros: a bright apple green base with shimmers that gets darker in the sun
  • D1128 Ithaca: a magenta pink base with small pink glitters that changes to a berry purple in the sun 
  • D1129 Andros: a light grey base filled with silver small glitters and iridescent and pink larger glitters. In the sun, the base of Andros changes to a mulberry purple and the glitters take on a blueish appearance 
  • D1130 Ios:   a bright blue base with pinkish purple small glitters that goes to a darker blue base in the sun.

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