Greek Islands | Sun Changing Dip Powder Set

€43,99 €47,94

What it is:

Even if your Grecian holiday is only a daydream, these six shades will make you feel like you're in vacation mode. This collection includes 6 exclusive shades available in 0.5 oz.

What it includes:

  • D1009 Crete has a seafoam green base with pink, gold and green flakes that transforms to a deep blurple in the sun.

  • D1010 Syros is a white shade changes to a princess pink in the sun.

  • D1011 Mykonos is a cream hot pink shade that deepens to medium berry when exposed to the sun.

  • D1012 Rhodes is a medium mulberry shade that darkens to a deep eggplant color when exposed to the sun.

  • D1013 Santorini has a fine silver glitter base mixed with teal, red, purple and blue flakes whose base deepens to midnight blue when exposed to the sun.

  • D1014 Corfu is a warm medium red to deepens to a dark wine when exposed to the sun.

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