Games Wide Open Set Dip Powder Set


What it is:

Indulge in the camaraderie and unity of the Summer Olympics with the "Games Wide Open" collection. Get ready to showcase your Olympic-inspired nails and be part of the excitement of the 2024 Summer Olympics. Each shade is carefully selected to capture the intensity of competition and the celebration of diversity, inspiring awe and confidence for all.

What's included: 

  • D1214 Opening Ceremony: A black base filled with ring colored flakes - red, blue, green and gold.
  • D1215 Olympic Flame: A full coverage flake shade that includes all the medals - gold, silver and bronze.
  • D1216 Phryge: A clear base containing ring colored glitter - red, blue, green, gold and black.
  • D1217 Marianne: A sheer pink base filled with light blue, pink and gold random sized glitters.
  • D1218 Seine: A navy base scattered with gold, pink and blue flakes.

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