Dance Party Glow Dip Powder Bundle

€31,49 €33,96

What it is:

Light up the night and get ready to glow and dance with the new Dance Party Glow Dip Powders!

What it includes:

4 Limited Edition 0.5oz Dip Powder Jars

  • D1135 DJ: a very light blue base with iridescent flakes that glows teal blue in the dark!
  • D1136 Emcee: a sheer base with iridescent glitters that pull pastel shades. In the dark, Emcee glows blue!
  • D1137 Turntable: a seafoam green crème dip powder base that glows aqua in the dark!
  • D1138 Remix: a bright purple base with iridescent flakes. In the dark, Remix glows purple

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