Cocktails | Dip Powder Theme Set


What it is:

Are you in need of a summer refreshment? 4 Favorite shades from our Cocktail Inspired Mystery Box are back for our Cocktails Theme Set. So, grab your favorite drink and let your nails sparkle with the vibrant spirit of the tropics. Whether you're by the pool or just lounging at home, this set is the perfect way to add a refreshing pop of color to your style!

What’s Included:

Includes 4 0.5oz Dip Powder Jars

• D1157 Strawberry Daiquiri: A strawberry pink base with pink, red and silver shimmers
• D1158 Blue Hawaiian: A medium blue base with blue and silver shimmers
• D1159 Lavender Lemonade: A purple base with gold shimmers
• D1160 Appletini: A bright green base with green and silver shimmers

Please note: Relaunched items are matched as closely to their original counterparts as possible, but some variance is a possibility due to many factors like pigment availability, discontinued pigments, reformulation etc.

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