Cherry Blossom | Dip Powder Theme Set


What it is: 

Fan Favorite Cherry Blossom Theme Set is back! Experience the enchanting allure of cherry blossoms with five charming shades that will transport you to a picturesque spring landscape filled with delicate petals and sweet scents.

What’s Included: 

Includes 5 0.5oz Dip Powder Jars

• D1161 Cherry Chapstick is a Bright Strawberry Pink
• D1162 Cherry Slushie is a Currant Red
• D1163 Cherry Pie is an Amaranth Pink
• D1164 Cherry on Top is a Light Flamingo Pink
• D1165 Cherry Soda is a Raspberry Pinkish Red

Please note: Relaunched items are matched as closely to their original counterparts as possible, but some variance is a possibility due to many factors like pigment availability, discontinued pigments, reformulation, etc.

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