Gift X-change | Stocking Stuffer Set


What it is:

Gifts aren’t the only thing being X Changed this holiday season. Gift X Change Stocking Stuffer Set includes 3 sun and mood changing shades that can each be 4 different colors! Plus, MC3 Chameleon, another mood changer is a free gift to you!

What's Included:

3 limited edition 0.5 oz Jars

    • Secret Santa: Filled with iridescent flakes appears bright pink-red when cold, dark berry purple when cold in sunlight, light peach when hot, and light purple when hot in sunlight.
      • White Elephant: A creme that appears dark grey when cold, dark eggplant purple when cold in sunlight, white when hot, and violet when hot in sunlight.
        • Pollyanna : a pink shimmer with a base that appears teal when cold, dark blue when cold in sunlight, light Lavendar when hot, and lilac purple when hot in sunlight.
          • Gift: 5oz Jar of MC3 Chameleon, soft white when warm that changes to a watermelon pink when cold.

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