Revel Rewards: Announcement + FAQ

Revel Rewards: Announcement + FAQ 


Before we answer your burning questions about Revel Rewards, we have an announcement to make! *Drum roll, please* 


Revel Rewards tiers will no longer reset at the start of the new year! That's right, once you enter the next Revel Rewards tier, you will remain there for 365 days! We're excited about this change, and hope you all are as well! 


Now...let's answer some questions! 


Why should I join Revel Rewards?

Well, you earn 1 Revel Reward point for every $1 spent, and those translate into coupons...hello $20 off! 


How do I redeem my Revel Rewards codes? 

Ensure you are logged into your account, and this will show you your available reward points and rewards. Scroll down to the “Rewards” section and this will show you the available rewards to choose from. Once you've chosen the reward you would like, click "get reward” and then "redeem." A screen will pop up with your reward code to copy and paste.

What perks are there for being in a higher tier?

For starters, Powder Perfectionists get Early Access to some of our biggest events, Black Friday and certain launches as well as free shipping on orders over $25! Devoted Dippers also enjoy perks like Early Access to Black Friday, and they receive double points on Rewards Days during our Anniversary and Days of Revel events. 

How do I move into the next tier? 

Nail Novices can become Devoted Dippers by spending $75-$199.99 in a 365 day period.

Devoted Dippers can become Powder Perfectionists by spending $200+ in a 365 day period.

Tiers are based solely on the spend amount, not on the number of reward points you currently have.


Now, don't forget, there is still time to earn 50 BONUS Revel Rewards points for each friend you refer until the end of October! 

Any other questions? Find us on Social Media and chat with us!